Watch Gordie Little's interview of Don for Home Town Cable's Our Little Corner.



03/14/2016 7:44am

It is direction that turns the individual in unadulterated gold. He sparkles by its understanding and learning. The educated individual the separation not the same as each other un taught person.

12/03/2016 6:18am

Oh, okay. I will check it this interview right now! I am so excited about it.


Great interview! thanks a lot! I like interviews with Don so much!

12/08/2016 3:35pm

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12/18/2016 3:36pm

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08/27/2017 10:10pm

One of the exciting parts of life is when you get to talk with someone that you know is a very reliable person. The one you know that has all the wisdom being applied through his learning and experiences. I would love to talk with the and I think 1 hour will not be enough. I would like to learn from them. And I want them to be one of my inspiration so I could also be as tough as they are and be successful in life also.


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